“Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.”

Blogtober|Day Twenty: 6 Tips I Use To Achieve My Dreams

  1. Prayer & Meditation: this keeps me at peace. I haven’t meditated in about a week sad to say, because as I started at 7:30 every morning until 8:00, I haven’t been getting much sleep, so I’ve been sleeping through my alarm unfortunately. But prayer is the one thing I never forget to do. Even I I’m just laying in bed. Sometimes, I’m half asleep in prayer. I need to make sure I am communicating with God constantly. Personally, this is my way of letting God know that I am focused on him, always.. and that I am seeking him in every move I make. I don’t move without his command.
  2. Set Goals: this is direction. It keeps me focused. Every day I am imagining myself at the finish line, less stressed, happier, my daughter taken care of, loved, etc. This is my life’s purpose(s).
  3. Write Goals Out: This is my life’s purpose on paper. I’ve been meaning to draw up a contract with God, which is going to require some time, passion, and thought. 
  4. Research, Research, Research: educating myself, not only gives me onsite to my dreams, but I have an idea what to expect, and it either motivates me to keep pushing towards it, or it may help me to discover it may not be for me.
  5. Reach Out: networking. An insite from someone where I strive to be helps me tremendously. In doing this, I hope to meet a few friends and especially a mentor!
  6. Forward, always. Man, I love this quote from Luke Cage. The past is already gone. I can’t change it. Why should I waste time reliving it? Forgiving myself and moving forward with my life is the key. The sun will continue to rise and set with or with out me. 

There are two things that are constant in this world… 


and forward…


I hopes this helps someone out there. If you have anything to add, comment below!

Blogtober|Day Nineteen: A Message to a Dreamer..

 There is apost I encourage you to read. This post personally spoke to me because I know that I am aware of being at a crossroads on my journey to pursuing my dreams. I am fully aware of what I should be doing at all times… even if I allow myself to be distracted for a moment. I am constantly saying to myself, 

“You could be doing [this] right now”… 


“I could’ve taken care of [that]…”

But everyday, God blesses me with another day. Everyday, I am thankful for another opportunity to do what I’ve should have done the day before. This past year I’ve learned that, I wasted more time, pondering my losses and worrying than taking that same time and doing something about it.

Stumbling across this post by Jay at this time in my life is no coincidence. But merely, God’s confirmation that my conscious has identified with the Holy Spirit. Indeed, he lives in me. I challenge you to dream, and the next time you get that urge to do something that will influence pursuing that dream, stop what you are doing, and follow it. You won’t regret the rewarding feeling..

Blogtober|Day Sixteen: Blogtober Update, November Plans, ETC.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, so thankful I am alive to see it. Hoping all is well!

Blogtober Update: Y’all. Blogtober has worn me out! While I’ve been enjoying the challenge, man my schedule has been hectic. 

I was thinking about stopping midpoint, because I have another class starting and a midterm this week, so I’ve been working on those. But for some crazy reason, I feel like I should keep going. I missed only one day which I am proud of, but I’ve been putting other things off. Not because I haven’t made time, but my schedule has been slammed. So what I think I’ll do is work on a schedule readjustment.

Plans for November: I am definitely taking a break! Thirty days of non-stop blogging? As much as I love it, I need to regroup and give myself some time to plan out material. How long? I’m thinking the first two weeks of November. One of my goals for Blogtober was to focus on discovering a niche, I still haven’t figured that out just yet, but I have some incorporations that I will be using like the inspirational quote of the week on Wednesday’s. I am going to continue looking for a new place (if you didn’t know already, I’m planning to move!) so I will definitely be doing some interior design posts. And focusing on getting through this semester! Straight A’s is the goal! With that being said, back to the books! 

If you’ve been following my blogtober posts, I’d love to hear which ones you’ve enjoyed so far in the comments below! Until Tomorrow,


Blogtober|Day Fifteen: TV Series I’m Loving

Happy Saturday!! 

So, I was scrolling through my feed and came across a list of blog topics by Cookies & Contour. I’m so glad I seen this as I was not running out of ideas, but not sure which what I wanted to discuss next. This topic immediately caught my eye as while I don’t have time to watch much tv, I did just finish binge watching a great show that left me speechless:

 This is my show. 

Luke Cage is awesome. Marvel knows exactly what they are doing. What stood out to me the most about this show, was that it didn’t feel like a fake universe, it was incorporated into today’s events. Black culture is everywhere. The Harlem Renaissance Era happened to be my favorite era in history and for them to incorporate that into the comic without it sounding like a history lesson was perfect (even though I love history). I was discussing the actual comic with someone and found out a little background about Mariah (played by Alfre Woodard). Towards the end of the season she takes on her nickname, which is also her official villain identity in the comic, Black Mariah. This was also what her cousin, Cotton Mouth (played by Mahershala Ali) refers to her as such during an argument, sending her over the edge. 

In the comic, Black Mariah is apparently (correct me if I’m wrong in the comments… I love comments 🙂 heavier and resembles a traditional Haitian woman 🇭🇹. When it was brought to my attention that Monique, one of my favorite actresses would’ve k i l l e d this role, I flipped tables. Because I definitely agreed! I love me some Alfre Woodard, but Monique would’ve done it! I think it may have something to do with her being blacklisted which sucks. But I don’t feel like Netflix would care about being blacklisted. Maybe because she doesn’t seem like a good council women (Alfre Woodard definitely fits that half). She was in one of their movies maybe last year that was really good. And I don’t feel like she would have turned them down, I mean it’s Marvel! Well maybe Marvel said no.. what do you think? I wouldn’t be mad if she was in the next season (smirks).

Blogtober|Day Fourteen: 3 Movies That’ll Never Get Old

Happy Friday! 

Today I’d like to talk about movies because, well I love Movies! Even though I really don’t catch much of the new ones but I’m sharing 3 that I can constantly watch as if it was my first time watching them:

  1. Harry Potter Series: I mean… it’s Harry Potter. What do you mean?
  2. Any Classic Black Movie: this I just couldn’t choose. When I tried to think of just one, so many came to mind. Back-to-back! So I summed it up.
  3. The Notebook: This feeds the hopeless romantic portion of my being. 

Welp, this is what came to mind at the time I made this post, but of course, it is subject to change at any given moment. I will definitely have another list. And this is in no particular order. What about you? Comment below!

Blogtober|Day Thirteen: Blogging To-Get List 

As I delve deeper into my blogging, I am noticing somethings I need that I believe would make planning and organizing more smoother. This is what I’m thinking so far:

  1. Erin Condren LifePlanner: I am a organizational junkie. I came across this planner from youTuber, Kalyn Nicholson. It’s so beautiful! Yet so expensive (laughs). I went browsing on their website, I was pre-sold once I seen it’s customizable. That’ll be a Christmas gift to myself for the New Year. I’ll stick to the one I have for now.
  2. USB cord for my camera (duh): You’re probably wondering why I don’t have this already. Well, I received a digital camera as a gift, but it didn’t come with a cord to upload my pictures! I’ve been looking everywhere for one in the stores but because the model is older, that type of USB isn’t carried. I haven’t checked Walmart yet (I know they have it in the back of my mind), but I feel like I can get it for a buck online (yes, literally $1 and some change) I love bargains > convenience. I’ll wait..
  3. A photo editing site: I’ve actually started using PicMonkey, which I like but am open to other sites! Let me know what you use in the comments.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Along with editing sites, what are your essentials as a blogger? Or if there’s anything you think I could use to further improve my site, don’t hold back, please let me know!

Quote of the Week|Perseverance

Happy Wednesday,

As we arrive to this week’s peak, I leave you to ponder this quote about perseverance:

You are one NO, closer to your yes..

This maybe one of the hardest things I’ve had to come to terms with. Though everyday it gets easier. Have a good hump day, and God bless the rest of your week!