5 Books I’ve Read in 2018

Starting Your Career As An Actor Jason Pugatch

If you don’t know already, my dream is to be an actress. While still working on my schedule to free up time to pursue acting as well as raise my daughter, finish school, and work a full-time jobsjfnsjlfnwgwkg!!!#* (so much to do),

I remembered this quote:

“Accept the things you can’t change; have the courage to change the things which you can; and have the wisdom to know the difference.

A friend I met at work who was interested in acting came to work with an improv book and literally told me she checked it out at the library. Something so simple and resourceful, its literally a 5 min drive to the library. So one day I went on a whim, asked to be pointed in the right direction and there! All of my questions answered in this one book.

This is a good reference guide for anyone interested in acting. Whether you’re looking to start, not sure where the work is, tips on finding the right agent and headshots, as well as stories from actors themselves and what they went through. I looked up the actors and the work they’ve done to see if I recognized any, and I came across The Punisher (Jon Bernthal—I love Marvel and Netflix!).

Broke Millennial Erin Lowry

This is for anyone on the road to financial freedom. College students, Parents, teenagers, Young adults, even adults mid-age and older! It’s never too late to get right financially. I actually started reading this book the end of last year, but it was kind of a guide to my financial goals for this year. Erin (the author) is a little (ok a lot of) frugal, but she means well. She speaks on saving, investing (my focus area), as well as paying down debts. She talks about more but these were the areas that stuck out to me. She does it in a way that keeps the reader’s (for us millennials) attention.

Willie Lynch Letter William (Willie) Lynch

For those who don’t know, I am African American. To my fellow A.A.’s, this they didnt teach us in school. Knowledge is infinite and we should always seek it. I RECOMMEND THIS LETTER TO EVERY BLACK FAMILY & INDIVIDUAL. After reading this, I can only speak for myself. But it it a clear picture how we as black men and women move. How we operate, how we think. This letter is about the taming of the black slave. The method used on taming a horse influenced the taming of a slave. I warn you now, this will change your life forever and if it doesn’t make you want to do something about past, current, as well as prevent future events, please seek help. This letter not only humbles me, but it makes me pay attention to everything that I am saying, how I am raising my daughter, as well as how I treat myself and others. After you read it, pass it on. Make others aware.

You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford

Create a personal library and make this one of the very first books. Personal success, business success, simple communication with others. Read it. You never know what you could be missing. On another note, this book reminds me to remember service. Through service you can reach anyone. I learned mindfulness, and how to speak to others, and marketing tips. I believe marketing can be universal, not exactly selling things but the power of persuasion and networking. CREATIVES THIS IS YOUR GOLDEN TICKET. MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!

Year of Yes! Shonda Rhimes

If you like Grey’s Anatomy, then you’ll love this. The dialogue in that show is Shonda to the T. To the mothers out there struggling for a personal identity and making time to do it all. Spend time with your children, go on that trip you have been planning forever, take that new job opportunity. Dare to say yes! You will love the outcome. From what I have read (still reading), I have to meet this women—hell, I have to at least land a guest role on one of her shows.

The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self Control  Dr. Walter Mischel

Weight loss, financial freedom, etc. self control is the root cause. I just started reading this after seeing someone post this on instagram about three years ago. Only into the first chapter I feel like this book arrived at the perfect time. I happened to stumble across this book in the library. I had every intention to by this as its in my booklist on amazon prime. Two words, Delayed Gratification. Everyone should read this, parents raising their children (teach them early) as well as individuals (save now, have more later).

This is not my full reading list. I think I’ll post a list of books I plan to get to. What have you read? Like Comment and Share!

Current Favorites

I got this tag from Jenny In Neverland, so I decided to share a few of my favorites this month.

  1. Yoga: while I have been slacking on exercising, I have started some simple morning yoga poses to jumpstart my day. I try to do them in the a.m. oddly, Tamia has allowed me to do them!
  1. Reading: on my early days I work I’m up at 6 am, the first 30 minutes I try to read. For the past month, I’ve been reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. This read has me not only reflecting on my own level of leadership, but I have been in observance of the leaders around me (or there lack of) analyzing their style of taking initiative and taking notes. Highly suggest it. I found the book on thriftbooks for $4.19.
  2. Learning: if you don’t know already, I love to learn. As I am still waiting on my decision letter for University, I have in the meantime enrolled myself in a self-paced Speed Reading course! At the time it was $10.00 on Groupon (a $199 value) for full access to this course on skillsuccess.com. They also have other various types of courses. I also found a Voiceover Course. I’m really excited about this one but wanted to take the Speed Reading course first as I believe this will be highly beneficial on my journey to success.
  3. Youtuber Andrea Lewis: if anyone is familiar with the Canadian Show: Degrassi, she portrayed Hazel Aden in the show. I came across her page looking for acting videos. She has an entire show called Black Actress (2 Seasons worth) that starts with interviewing famous black actresses like Essence Adkins, Aisha Hinds, & Erica Hubbard. They give life lessons on the industry, tips on auditioning process, etc. Currently, I love her self-love Saturday segments.

What are your favorite activities/things right now?

Seek God

When I say prayer helps, it helps. Last night, I reminded God of his promise that I would lend and not borrow. He came through with that promise today. I will continue to pray and remind him of his promises to me and my family. 
I’m spreading this message to anyone who is waiting on their blessings but feel discouraged. “Never be afraid to pray big prayers, never be afraid to remind God of what he promised you. His answers are yes and amen. He can’t break his promises to you. All he wants is to give you your needs AS WELL AS your desires. If you pray for ordinary, he will give you ordinary. But dare to ask for exactly what you want and watch him give you extraordinary favor.”

OK so understand these are not my words. I give JOEL OLSTEEN all of his credit due. I’ve been struggling to read this book and I’ve had it for a couple of months. 
I’m going to create a contract with as many as God’s promises as I can stand on (scripture included) because when I go to God with my case, I will give him no room to ask me for proof. And as Jesus as my lawyer, I can’t lose. I encourage you to do the same.

Should’ve Had a V8

Last night, I discovered— or should I say rediscovered my baby-handling skills. And have realized that I really underestimated myself…

My daughter will be 9 months tomorrow. For all the moms out there, sure you can remember when you first brought baby home from the hospital. It was so easy for them to just fall asleep(if there were no serious issues).. Effortless!Because primarily, that’s all baby ever did (eat, sleep, and poop). Simple! But then somewhere along the lines as baby started growing, baby became more alert and wanted to do everything but sleep. Every child is different, they have their own temperament. So you try everything you could think of to get baby to sleep, whatever works for her…
Breastfeeding did it all for me. When she had her first fever after her second round of shots, I gave her some Tylenol and popped a boob in her mouth, and in an instant, her temperature reduced to normal. If she is sleepy, I know breastmilk and that warm skin-to-skin contact would knock her out almost immediately. And while I loved breastfeeding (health benefits, reduced late nights), I knew I was depending on it. I knew because I went over the 6 month limit I gave myself. But you have to understand, holding my baby boo close to me and gazing in her eyes as she stares into mine. And her reaction after she takes a swig of my mother’s milk: hilarious! She actually smacks her lips and goes, “Aaaaah…” With a big ol’ smile. Sometimes we call it her liquor. She’ll fall over like a drunken teenager on a Friday night (laughs). That’s my baby. Here I go, I digress!It’s kicking me in the butt now, while I have no regrets going over my 6 month mark, I have and still struggle with a few things:

  1. Putting her to sleep. 
  2. Getting her to sleep through the night.
  3. Weaning (well maybe not so much)
  4. Getting her to sleep in her crib.

I gave her more food during the day, more sunlight, and even an extra bath to help get her into a routine to associate bath time with bedtime (she also sweats like her dad and has as much hair on her head as I do on mine which doesn’t help). And while she clearly shows signs of sleepiness, I don’t feel like I’ve been addressing it correctly. I think timing is everything with her. I’ve read so many articles on what to do, I even have What To Expect: The First Year  (a great book and go-to guide). These issues have become stressful, as I am cranky without my 8 hrs, and while dad takes over sometimes, I remember he can’t always as he works & is tired too. So yesterday, as I was putting Tamia to sleep, I knew it would be a struggle. She was hyper (trying to keep herself awake) and speaking in her gibberish baby language when I finally fed up said to myself, “I used to be good at this. I babysat all of the time, what am I not doing?” I began to wonder what I used to do to put a baby to sleep, and then it hit me… rocking.

I picked up her stretched out body (she wasn’t flailing, but she does this thing where she’ll kind of donkey kick her legs to keep herself awake), put her in cradle position, with my legs crossed, and began a rigorous rock. Of course she tried to fight it, but I stuck to my guns. She got a little cranky, but I was able to calm her nerves by singing to her (we’ve sang ABC’s and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star since she was born and she recognizes the melody— that of which I discovered were the same in both songs) she smiled and dropped her eyes. With a little more push and pull, she fell asleep. A deep one! As light of a sleeper she is, I was amazed. I was able to sleep until about 4 am. Thunderstorms, lighting, and a bad dream kept me up. She slept through the entire thing. 

I said to myself, “I knew I shouldn’t have let Terrence talk me out of putting a rocking chair on the baby shower wish list.” I could’ve came in handy. There was this episode of Grey’s Anatomy in maybe the second season where O’Malley is staying with Burke & Yang. Yang wanted him gone but didn’t know how to approach it. Meanwhile, she is taking a class with Cheif Webber when she questions his ability to perform a skill with his eyes closed…

You want to win? Always go back to the basics.

-Chief Webber, Grey’s Anatomy

Until Next Time,