Baby’s 6 Month Check Up

Tamia is 6 months now!! Time is flying. She is full of personality!

She is 19.4 pounds & 27.5 inches (I thought she’d be heavier, she sure feels that way!)

Mia’s Milestones 



Shaking her head “no” 

     She happens to do this when she’s excited. I thought something was wrong because I thought this would happen later on but no she’s right on track!

Grunting (the anger emotion)

      OK, so she’s been doing this one for months. Is she clearing her throat to speak? Well, for now I notice she does this when she’s agitated (laughs).

Hysterically laughing

Missing us when we leave the room



Rocking back & forth in crawling position

Rolling onto her belly 

Two bottom teeth are in

Standing with assistance



Solid foods (she likes sweet peas, and pears)

Sleep schedule still not quite established 

Bottle feeding during the day, breast at night

Fever after having shots 

Falling asleep in my lap while watching tv

She’s talking to us now!!! 
Dada, mama, and nana are all we hear these days. 

She’s eating those toes!! (Been doing that for a month now..)