Tips For Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

The truth is, I got into a rut. Since the beginning of the year, I was so overwhelmed with my responsibilities and on top of that I had some ideas I just needed to get out but couldn’t seem to get down on paper, I got backed up to the point where I let it get the best of me. But thankfully, I am in my right mind, I have made my routine comeback. The good thing about this time period was I was able to observe and analyze my bad habits and single them out, allowing me to work through them. In this process I had to make a conscious decision to make a significant lifestyle change. Here are some major ways I find I get myself out of a rut (some old, some new):

  1. Just “lean into it”: You’re in A Rut, okay. Let it happen. I have one Friday off during the week once a month. Yesterday (March 31st) was my day off. I had been looking forward to this day because now that my daughter had daycare. It was literally the only day this month I had to myself. The first thing I did was allow myself the first few hours of the morning to just allow myself to feel every motion I was feeling during that month. I recently seen youtuber, Kalynn Nicholson’s tips on getting out of a rut. She recommended no more than an hour (that’s 4% of your day) to just linger in it. Anymore time is wasted time to be moving forward.
  2. When it is time, move! There is always a point in being lazy that you come to that realization that you could be doing something productive. Yesterday I was able to identify this laziness. In the process I caught myself finding reasons not to get up and move and found myself approaching a mind battle of tug of war. One side telling myself to get up, the other saying I don’t feel like it and I’m so tired. At that point I was able to remove myself from the middle and see an aerial view of this happening. It was almost like a lucid dream where you see yourself doing things from the sidelines. In that instant I just jumped up. I looked around at the first thing I knew needed to be done and just fixed it. Yesterday I jumped out of my bed and just looked around at my messy room. I didn’t think twice I just immediately started putting things in place. In about three minutes time I looked around and was immediately less stressed.
  3. Utilize notes app for random thoughts: when I’m on the go and something sparks an interest or reminds me of something I for got to do, I write it in my notes app (iPhone users).
  4. Delete Social Media Apps for a little while: I do this a lot. When I find myself being possessed over Facebook or instagram, I always have a thought that creeps up and says, “I could be doing this or that right now.” Usually when I get on social media, I can never stay off so when I finally come out of it, I immediately delete the app from my phone. It doesn’t erase my data, all I have to do is log back in after I reinstall it. In doing this, I find I get more done from not being distracted with my phone. When I am in auto mode and try to go back on Facebook, not having it available reminds me of what I should be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Social media as it can be inspiring but it is also a big distraction. Try it.
  5. De-clutter your space: This is a continuance from tip #2. Look around… if you’re in clutter, don’t think twice. Don’t even allow yourself to talk yourself out of it. Just jump up and do it. I was to the last straw, not understanding why my mind was so cluttered, and I just looked around the space I was sitting in. I immediately caught a attitude. I hate allowing my environment to take control of my emotions. Three minutes resulted in a clean room, and an instant change of attitude, for the better. Once I was up, I wanted to get more things done… so I treated myself to a much needed spa day.

These are some tips that after observing myself the first quarter of the year, I use to get myself out of a rut. What do you do? What do you suggest? Comment below and like if this helped you!

Until next time,