Quote of the Week 

I’m gonna add another goal to the second half of this year as I have been lying to myself and trying to fake it until I make it. Learning to love myself for who I am (I have flaws as well as my highlights). We all naturally insinuate our strengths, but sweep our weaknesses under the rug if we can’t address them.
I have big dreams. I maybe leading off as if what I am about to say sounds like it intangible but the reality is this: most don’t make it, though few do. The difference between the some from the few? While both have a come-to-Jesus moment in their journey, was what they did about it in the end. Most allow their circumstances dictate their next move, their reaction, their outcome. Few in that moment, change their way of thinking to mold that circumstance to work for them getting them a step closer to where they want to be.

I feel for that to happen, I have to be completely honest with myself. Which I’ve never been.  So I need to add one more goal to my Mid-Year Goals. I officially claim this Self-Love journey I’ve unknowingly been on. Step one: Recognizing & Accepting the things about myself I can’t change. For the things I can change, plan & execute.

No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.

-James Russell Lovell
Until Next Time,



Blogtober|Day Eleven: Babbling About Last Saturday 10.1

Saturday morning started with an inspection at Meineke… well suppose to be. I was there at 7:30, but I couldn’t wait until 2:00 to have my car, Tamia needed diapers (forgot to restock her diaper bag before I dropped her off with her aunt) so 

I was kind of stressing about that and I felt like I wasn’t really wanted there. I always go there for an inspection and oil change. I guess because my mom always said go there, but they always try to get money out of me when I go. I really don’t care for them honestly. 

Any who, I always go in there with my books to study, this particular time I went in and I always adjust the chairs and get comfy. Well, for some reason the mechanic had an issue with it and told me to reposition them. Let me explain, I totally get it, I’m not at home. So I deserved all of that. But if this was an issue why didn’t you mention this the last couple of times I come in here doing this? Never said a word about it until then. Maybe it was because of the time of the month. Inspection time, okay I get it. 

I felt a little embarrassed. He was loud, and there were two other customers in there. I guess I walked into that but there is a way to talk to people. He was just rude. A few minutes later he reminded me of my wait time and suggested to have someone pick me up and just come back. He urged me to leave and there were two other people in there for the same thing. After I confirmed my knowledge of the wait time, he persisted. I just figured it was my only time to study with no distractions and instead of watching their tv (didn’t want to watch what was set—daytime tv), I’d make the best use of my time.

I hate being put on the spot. I don’t usually make myself a home, but because I had been coming there for years and had a repoire with them. I didn’t think they’d mind. Well, that’s ok. I was so appalled by what just happened, I just told him I’d come back next week. I couldn’t wait that long anyway. I probably won’t be back in there. No hard feelings about what happened I just don’t like that they try to upcharge me when I’m serviced and the situation just elapsed my patience with them.

Well that’s my little ramble (laughs).

Blogtober|Day Ten: Why I Started Blogging

My story behind blogging is bitter sweet for me. I’ve always been interested in blogging— ever since I was younger. In fact, I remember when I first discovered Blogger back in elementary school. I was so smitten by acting and inspired by actors and actresses my age, I didn’t realize that it was something I could do (especially at age 7). I was so fascinated with child superstars that I dedicated an entire blog to them. People like Paige Hurd, the Mowry sisters (and brother), Alexa Vega (I loved Spy Kids— action movies would be my forte), and Hillary Duff! There were a lot more but I’m not going to sit here and name them all. But I would write out movie scripts, short stories, and even comics. Writing, was always my creative niche. I loved computers and typing so it went hand in hand. That’s where my blogging interest came from.

I’m just so excited to have rediscovered it and plan to never lose touch with it. Lately I’ve been thinking about all of my childhood dreams and still get as excited about them as I did in the past. Blogging has helped me to get back to those hobbies I really enjoyed. It can be time consuming but, I can say that this the first time since then that I have felt in control of my destiny and complete. Every morning I am waking up with that purpose I was speaking on in my  Dream Won’t Chase Me Poem. Blogging has had me thinking about my life and my overall goals I have always set for myself. While some I will continue to push towards, others I think will change. The things I always looked at as important in my life, I’m not so sure of anymore, and I think I’m okay with it.

Well, enough of my rambling, share in the comments your blogging story. 

Until Tomorrow,

Happy Blogtober!

Blogtober|Day Eight: 10 Things I Love About Autumn

While Autumn has never been my favorite season (don’t really like being cold), I’ve been anxious for it to arrive. Maybe because I’ve been finding every opportunity to hit the reset button. I love knowing that I can start over again whether it’s a new day, new week, new month, or season! I’ve been all about taking in things as they come so I welcome this brisk season with 10 things I actually enjoy about Autumn:

  1. The Aura: is it just me or is it something about the Autumn Equinox sun that’s different from the spring? It looks different— the light appeals differently. Almost like it’s mellowed out. Anyway I know when it’s back to school time and I just get into this gitty mood. I love it. 
  2. Fall Back an hour: That extra hour of sleep! Even though my body still wakes up an hour earlier, just knowing I’m up early before my alarm (because I hate alarms), makes me feel more prepared for the day. I think I’ll use this time to actually prepare. 
  3. Sweater Weather: I love sweaters! It’s something about sweaters that make me feel bundled up and comforted. I’m really tall so compared to others I’ve always stood out. Sometimes I like to just blend in and a sweater does that for me. Makes me feel cradled (don’t judge me).
  4. Pumpkin Spice: I discovered this beautiful flavor last year. What have I been missing! This year I actually tasted the pumpkin spice flavored gelati from Rita’s at the end of the summer and I fell in love! Aah. 7-11 has the creamer and latte, even though I’m not a big fan of lattes, I’ll mix it with the French vanilla cappuccino or hot chocolate for a morning/mid-day pick me up to brighten my spirits and to stay warm! Heaven in a mug.
  5. Movies: I’m planning movie night with Tamia. All of my favorites from Halloween Town to Harry Potter in honor of the Holiday! I just love feeling like a kid again and hope she enjoys them just as much as I did (and still do)!
  6. Holidays: Halloween (candy and scary movies) & Thanksgiving (food)!! Need I say more?
  7. Leaves Changing Colors: I get so excited seeing the leaves in the streets! Yellows, oranges, and reds! Thank God I don’t have to take them anymore!
  8. Long walks: I would always go on long walks after school with my best friend, just talking about anything and everything. 
  9. Scarves & Gloves: Did I mention I love to knit? I’m thinking BIG, fluffy, and i n f i n i t y!!
  10. Football: I live right next to a University and am always reminded of the Season when I can hear the band in the distance practicing for football season! It’s always a good temperature to open my doors and windows (I love when I don’t have to run the AC)!

What do you love about Autumn? If you enjoyed this post, please like this post because I love feed back and I’ll be talking to you tomorrow! Until then,

Happy Blogtober.

Blogtober| Day Six: 3 Ways I Stay Encouraged

Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten to a low point. As much as I am in high spirits, believe me when I say it’s been an internal struggle. With everything I have going on… oh if you knew my life, you’d be wondering why I haven’t tapped out.

Well, Here are my top three strategies I use to motivate myself:

  1. Seek God: Whenever I am stressed and exhausted, I am looking for someone to vent to. However, this past year God has been trying to tell me to vent to him, not others. Because honestly, what can they do? Sometimes we can be discouraged by talking to other people. I don’t know about you, but God has always supplied me with all of my needs, whether I deserved it or not. If it’s not broke… I promised my dad I would pray every morning. The days that I did pray, I noticed I have been more at peace with my circumstances. The days I forgot, well… I made it through.
  2. Plan: Faith without works is dead (James 2:26). You will always see me with a pen and a college ruled notebook. Mainly because I love to write things down (I use my phone as a reminder and alarm), but my dreams, aspirations, and priorities are personal. I have to touch and feel what I’m doing in order for me to learn and recall information (I am a kinesthetic learner). And planning for me, is fun. 
  3. Put Yourself in Place: Just imagining myself where I aspire to be is the motivation, but I can’t just sit and hope things workout. I’m constantly revamping my skills, reading motivational and informational books, watching tutorials, and I constantly give myself a pep talk (this is actually daily), I even try to submerse myself around those already ahead of me. It’s not envy, it’s motivation. 

These again, are are my motivators I use to keep myself encouraged (it really doesn’t take much to get me moving). I speak to those who are at a stand still and are reluctant to move. Those who question why even keep trying. At this point I’m at the stage where I have nothing to lose. 

Blogtober|Day Four: Why Am I Doing This Again?


I just realized something, I was so excited about blogtober, that I jumped straight in without even mentioning why (laughs). Well, today’s post will be about just that. Let’s get into it:

  1. To submerse myself more into WordPress and familiarize myself: ok, so I wanted to consistently just post every day. No particular reason other than I’ve been trying to post at least twice a week. (Monday or Wednesdays & Saturdays). I’ve been trying to keep up and with my busy life being a mom, a student, and working, the only time I really have to breathe is when everyone else is asleep, but by then, I’m just as tired. Which is what happened yesterday. Which brings me to
  2. This is a personal challenge to ensure I’m tackling everything on my plate: I set so many goals, and when I began to get overwhelmed, one never gets done. But who says I can’t get them all done? To wrap up this year, it’s all about mind over matter for me. Whatever goals I set at the beginning of the year will be completed even if I have to lose some sleep. I’ve never challenged myself this hard before but I think that I am handling it quite well. I love the feeling of accomplishment and can’t wait to bask in it at the end of the month.
  3. Get my creative juices flowing: Stimulating the right side of my brain is definitely needed if I want to pull this off. I am still trying to figure out what audience I want to attract to my blog and blogtober has already influenced a few ideas; for the near future. Allowing my mind to work on its own, I’ve been able to pick and choose those influences.
  4. Trying to Mingle: so if you don’t already know I am looking to make a passive income from my blog and take this very seriously. But of course I am all about having fun with it too. I’ve been consistent since the beginning of Summer. While I speak to some of my followers from time to time, I feel like I’ve been confined or in a bubble per say. I want to not only want to submerse myself to the WordPress Community, I also want to attract more traffic to my blog as well and transform my visitors to subscribers.

With that being said, I would love to hear from anyone else who is thinking about joining the challenge (Do it!) and if you already are, tell me why! Happy blogtober!



It is October One, I am especially excited because blogtober has officially began. I will be posting content every single day for the month of October. Good content. If anyone feels I’m performing anything less than, let me know in the comments and I’ll tighten up. 

Let’s begin..

Sunday Night Reflections #LifeofTF

What my day consisted of. 

Im just trying to stay focused on the goals and have love on the baby in the process. So many thoughts are constantly going through my mind knowing the real test is soon ahead. It can be scary seeing yourself where you want to be and knowing it’s so close but looking from where you are seems beyond your reach. This is nothing but Jesus in me, because no matter my current situation I still speak on where I’m going. I usually don’t boast, but if I had a friend who constantly pushed through despite current trials, not dwelling or allowing the problem to keep them where they are, like I do, life would that much more worth while. Until that day comes, all I can do is continue to motivate myself and teach Tamia to do the same. 

These days have been productive. I have recently changed up the blog, and fixed a few things. I am participating in BLOGTOBER, where I will attempt to post ever day for the month of October (low-key excited) and have been taking this month to plan. 

Currently, it is 9:20 and I am waiting on my sister to get back from her school trip to take her home. But I feel like she gon have to catch a ride because they taking too long and I need to finish this homework before midnight (two assignments left) *rolls eyes*. 

Until Next Time,


The Dream Won’t Chase Me

At this moment, 

I declare my goals achieved. 

I speak them into existence.

As long as I’m blessed with another day,

No one or thing, will ever stop me again.

Everyday, I will wake up with purpose. 

Not just a purpose. With purpose. 

A purpose will eventually discourage me.

That’s not enough to fuel my flame. 

There are so many reasons not to,

But I find comfort in those reasons to do.

No more excuses, no more doubts.

One… two.. three. 

It’s time to jump.

Casting Call!!

I’ve recently taken up completing surveys for extra pocket change. As boring and time consuming as I think this can get, lately they’ve been getting interesting. Recently, one asked me a question I have never thought of seriously, but felt compelled to answer:

If you could pick one Actor or Actress to portray you in a movie, who would it be and why?

 That really stumped me. First of all I was like, “me”? Then I thought, shoot, I don’t know. Then I started thinking about my favorites and the roles they have played in the past. Then I immediately omitted that notion from consideration because a role is just that, a role. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t do one thing because they are well-known for another. But, when they try to change up after doing the same thing for so long, it’s a fail 95% of the time. But I have thought about my favorites and here is my top 5:

  1. Queen Latifah
  2. Young Debbie Allen
  3. Sanaa Lathan
  4. Monique’
  5. Lisa Raye McCoy

I took into consideration their demeanor, personality (that I have seen through interviews as themselves), and who I thought would portray me the best (1 is best and 5 is worst). 

Who would you choose and why? Comment below!