Current Favorites

I got this tag from Jenny In Neverland, so I decided to share a few of my favorites this month.

  1. Yoga: while I have been slacking on exercising, I have started some simple morning yoga poses to jumpstart my day. I try to do them in the a.m. oddly, Tamia has allowed me to do them!
  1. Reading: on my early days I work I’m up at 6 am, the first 30 minutes I try to read. For the past month, I’ve been reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.¬†This read has me not only reflecting on my own level of leadership, but I have been in observance of the leaders around me (or there lack of) analyzing their style of taking initiative and taking notes. Highly suggest it. I found the book on thriftbooks for $4.19.
  2. Learning: if you don’t know already, I love to learn. As I am still waiting on my decision letter for University, I have in the meantime enrolled myself in a self-paced Speed Reading course! At the time it was $10.00 on Groupon (a $199 value) for full access to this course on They also have other various types of courses. I also found a Voiceover Course. I’m really excited about this one but wanted to take the Speed Reading course first as I believe this will be highly beneficial on my journey to success.
  3. Youtuber Andrea Lewis: if anyone is familiar with the Canadian Show: Degrassi, she portrayed Hazel Aden in the show. I came across her page looking for acting videos. She has an entire show called Black Actress (2 Seasons worth) that starts with interviewing famous black actresses like Essence Adkins, Aisha Hinds, & Erica Hubbard. They give life lessons on the industry, tips on auditioning process, etc. Currently, I love her self-love Saturday segments.

What are your favorite activities/things right now?

Blogtober| Day Twenty-Seven: Favorite YouTube Channels

I have grown to love YouTube! There are so many people who have created a name for themselves inspiring others, I have become a regular viewer! Anything from lifestyle to interviews, I’ll watch it. I thought I take the time to share my favorite YouTube channels, that is, the channels I regularly follow:

  1. Daily Davidsons: I actually met them at a Meet-Up with Cain Carter and The Lavigne’s before I watched there show, genuine, friendly, and God-fearing. Tiffany Davidson inspired me to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Especially since Carter, her youngest son, is a month older than my daughter, I kind of used a lot of her practices for influence on how I tailored certain milestones with Tamia. Some things worked great! Others I’m still figuring out on my own. TJ Davidson is just hilarious! I love him man, and the craftsman work he does around their beautiful home is amazing! I watch them daily!
  2. GabeBabeTV: I discovered this family vlog through The Davidsons’. They are cool too. Gabrielle (or Gabe) is a song bird working on her fitness and health while Babe is the loving husband. Their son Ceej is the cutest combination of them too. He has his dads complexion and his mom’s face, beautiful! Anywho, I love watching this family grow. I recently watched their story on how they initially met (recently just did a five year anniversary vlog), and I was amazed at their story. Definitely love them!
  3. Kalynn Nicholson: I honestly don’t remember how I came across Kalynn. I do know, that I love her organizational and life tips, and diy’s. 
  4. Books Beauty Ameriie: I’ve always loved Ameriie when she was Amerie. After discovering her channel, I did some more research on her. She is an English Major and a military kid. She’s also Black and Korean which is interesting as well. But on top of her music, she loves books (currently getting one published and realeased the cover of her novel), and gives make-up tutorials (her great skin makes me want to try makeup) and skin and hair care tips, and sessions called tea-time. Tea time is when she pretty much gives a life update.
  5. Gracefully Alba: I recently discovered her this week. I watch her blogging series on tips to getting started and maintenance.  She hasn’t uploaded any videos in a year, I think she’s primarily on her blog. 

Who do you watch? I’m always looking for new channels!